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Computing MATTERS is a project focused on scalability and replicability. This "fractal" is self-similar by nature, taking what has been done within the walls of the Shodor office, scaling it appropriately, and reproducing the program throughout the Research Triangle, then North Carolina as a whole, and beyond. As such, there are three tiers to the project, shown in the picture above.

  1. Putting down deeper roots in Durham:

    Shodor partners with North Carolina Central University and Durham Public Schools and local community centers, such as the WD Hill Recreation Center, to provide after school resources to local students. Through Computing MATTERS, Shodor will expand and go deeper, expanding from 2 after school programs to 10 and from 2 community centers to 8. This intensification of activity in and near Durham is represented by the Shodor logo on the map above.

  2. Reaching the distant corners of the Research Triangle:

    In the map above, the second level of the fractal is represented by the green dots and vectors inside the blue Triangle touching the shaded counties of Orange, Durham, Chatham, and Wake. To implement this, Shodor has partnered with Orange County Schools, Culbreth Middle School in Chapel Hill, Sigma Xi (the scientific research society), and the Wade Edwards Learning Lab in Wake County.

  3. Towards a State-wide Consortia of UNC Campuses:

    At the state-wide level, Shodor is interested in leveraging already existing programs that reach youth or in-service teachers with science enrichment. The design of Computing MATTERS is to transform these programs to support more interactive computational thinking. Shodor wants to partner with campuses from Murphy to Manteo as a state song describes the reach of the whole state. To our work at North Carolina Central University in Durham, we will add Computing MATTERS sites at Western Carolina University, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and East Carolina University, as well as in the schools in Carteret County which is home to the marine labs of both Duke and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Shodor is interested partnering with local schools, colleges, and organizations willing to work cooperatively to ensure that Computing MATTERS in their community.

Interested in partnering with us? Please contact us.